Adolescents & Young Adults

The period from one's mid-teens to early 20s are often packed with more life transitions and potential stressors than at any other single point in our lives. New schools, college applications, leaving home for the first time, social pressures, dating relationships, first jobs, etc..  

When you add to that the elements of ever-changing bodies, brain chemistry and a search for one's sense of identity, these years can often be quite stressful for the young adult as well as for their loving family.

Therapy is a wonderful outlet for young adults to explore the transitions and challenges with the guidance of a truly objective professional. The goal is to develop a "toolbox" of insight and coping skills that they can continue to use for the rest of their lives.

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Charleston is, for many, a wonderful, healthy place to live. However, it can also present a challenge to those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Drinking is a large part of the social scene and can be difficult to avoid. And, like other parts of the country, drugs are prevalent and readily available here.  

Unlike some larger cities, it is harder to find resources to support the recovery community here in Charleston. Unfortunately, there also seems to be more lingering social stigma here surrounding the topics of addiction and sobriety.   

Whether you are just beginning to be concerned about your behavior or you have years of sobriety under your belt, it can be helpful to have support.

Dr. Chapman specializes in a fairly wide spectrum of substance abuse and addiction issues.

She also specializes in working with spouses, families and children of addicts. Addiction is truly a family disease and it is vital to support everyone who is being affected by it.


Life Transitions

Life is full of change... college, career, marriage, children, relocation, divorce, illness, loss...

Each person responds to change differently.  Even the same person may respond to transitions differently depending on what it was, whether it was unexpected, and what stage of life they are in.

Dr. Chapman can help support and guide you through any type of life transition. 

Charleston has been experiencing tremendous growth recently and many people are relocating here.  Charleston is a beautiful place to live with a wonderful quality of life, however, it can also represent a tremendous cultural and social shift for those accustomed to living in a bustling urban metropolis or simply another part of the country.